Ch7: TCR: Luggage & kit list

I’ve had many questions about what I am taking with me on the Transcontinental and how much it all weighs. So at long last……


The total weight I will be carrying is 5.9 kg including the bags themselves.
The bike itself = 10.4 kg and with 1.5 litres of water  this adds up to 17.8 kg.
On top of that of course will be any food I am carrying with me.

The recent explosion in bike packing and equipment has meant there are lots of  luggage products to choose from. These bags are also aerodynamically efficient compared to the old style panniers which act as air brakes. Their storage capacity is of course much less and only the seat packs offer any substantial variation in capacity.
Many people buy matching luggage from one manufacturer but I selected the various pieces on their own merits.


Wahoo Elemnt Bolt as the primary unit mounted at front of tt bars. (*kit favourite)
Garmin Etrex 30 as back up, (*kit most hated) custom made mount & Lithium batteries for weight saving.
iPhone SE, in a phone case and mounted to a wahoo tt mount.
Route notes hand written on waterproof paper.
(see Chapter 4 for details on how I charge my devices)

The Blackburn Outpost seat-pack is a holster design using a separate dry-bag. This enables it to be stuffed on the floor tightly and then inserted into the holster which remains on the bike. Tightly packing the bag helps minimise swaying and its more difficult to stuff a bag whilst balancing the bike at the same time. An 11 litre capacity holds the following:
Contents – (thanks to Stuart Ryder for the advice on sleeping kit)
Alpkit Hunka XL bivvi bag (500g)
Klymit inertia x-frame sleeping mat (170g) (*kit favourite)
Trekker Superlite 1-2 Season sleeping bag (520g) + Silk liner (120g)
Sea to Summit Aeros ultralight std pillow (60g) (*kit favourite)
Vaude Spray III waterproof shorts (70g) doubles up for use off the bike.
Down jacket* – *(I have decided not to take this)
Spare bib shorts and socks
Base layer for sleeping and/or additional riding layer
Leg warmers (these were in the frame pack in the photo)
2 mm Neoprene gloves
SPOT Gen 3 satellite tracker mounted on the external loops.
1 metre long steel cable and combination padlock wrapped around the pack.

Apidura frame pack – Mountain medium
This is made of a very lightweight material and is a decent fit to my Genesis frame.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, tepees
Sun cream, all day Aldi SPF20 and SPF50 lipbalm (for my nose)
Antiseptic wipes
Paracetamol, ibuprofen, cocodamol
Sudocreme 30g tube (for any saddle irritation)
Pile cream tube (not for piles! It contains pain relief in case of saddle sore)
Kinesio tape – pre-cut for Achilles
Nail scissors
Hotel size shampoo bottle (for washing shorts – in fact I simply used soap I found in washrooms and didn’t need this)
Gore Active waterproof jacket – (*kit favourite)
Hi viz fluorescent tabard
Musette – A shopping bag for the Lidl dash and for temporary food carrying.
Arm warmers / sun sleeves
Toilet tissue
2 spare spokes per wheel, 4 x zip ties.
Chain lube
Passport, brevet card, cash, credit card, route notes and pen
Spare shoe cleat Spd-sl
2 x inner tubes taped to the seat tube behind the frame pack

Apidura 1L top tube bag –
The Apidura top tube bag is an extra slim model to avoid rubbing on my knees. Contents:
Usb lead from Igaro
micro USB lead (wahoo)
Lighting lead (iphoneSE)
Mini USB lead (Etrex)
Exposure joystick light & charging lead
Powerpack zendure A1 2,600mAh
Etap USB battery charger
Mains continental USB charger (Apple super compact model)

Alpkit Stem Cell –
This bar mounted bag holds food for quick access while riding. I am using only one between the TT bars to minimise  the frontal area for aero efficiency.
A second stem cell is attached to the seat pack rear, additional quick access/storage and used to hold an extra water bottle on the first night.

Tool bottle – Pro large
Multi tool with chain splitter
Puncture repair kit
Tyre levers
Valve extenders, valve core tool.
1 x Spare inner tube (2 more taped to the bike)
Gear hanger
Brake pads
Chain quick links x 2 and some spare links
Spoke key
PVC tape
Spare shoe cleat bolts, bottle cage bolts
Spare micro USB cable
2 x coin cells (for Stages power meter)
2 x AA lithium batteries (for Etrex)
6 x AAA lithium batteries (for rear flashing lights and SPOT tracker)capture

Want to read my story from the start? Chapter 1 is here:


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